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Avid Angler
A-Z of Fishing. A site for all fisherman who want to know how to catch their favourite species. We also publish pictures. Home of the Top 1000 Fishing Sites and The Outdoorsman Auction.
- 548 hits - 26-October-2000

Atlantic Salmon - The Margaree River
60 minutes of - action, tips on flies, techniques, equipment, streamcraft as well as an insight into the salmon itself. Join professional fly fisher and guide Edwin Taylor as he enjoys the beauty and spirit of fishing for Atlantic salmon on the Margaree River.
http://edsvideo.itgo.com - 363 hits - 3-April-2001

B.C. Interior Fly Fishing
We are an online fly fishing store located in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia Canada and in Calgary Alberta.We have a growing selection of custom hand tied flies for fishing.
http://www.interiorflyfishing.com - 500 hits - 8-February-2001

Ranger Rigs
The Rig that is revolutionizing fishing as we know it. Two hooks are linked together to form a harnes that keeps your bait alive indefinitely.Baiting up is a simple procedure. Just slip your minnow between the two hooks slide down the silicone band. It works great with worms, crayfish, frogs keeping your bait alive indefinitely. No more dead bait.There is no longer anyneed to check your bait, you know it's alive and giving you plenty of action.The Ranger Rig comes in a pack of six Rigs with accessories
http://www.rangerrig.com - 483 hits - 8-January-2002

Ancient Mariner's Saltwater Tackle & Tips
Increase your catch! Use my unique hand made lures and read the tips I use for profitable fishing.
http://www.ancientmarinertackle.com - 328 hits - 9-February-2001

Atlantic Fly Fishing School
Class & Private fly fishing instruction, FFF Certifed, Sage Sponsored School. Equipment, lunch supplied.
http://www.flyschool.net - 440 hits - 13-January-2001

Cail's Private Salmon Pools
Atlantic Salmon flyfishing on Miramichi river in New Brunswick Canada
http://www.cailsprivatesalmon.com - 672 hits - 18-January-2001

Fishing in Canada, Mostly Ontario and Manitoba at various Lodges and Outpost, for Walleye and Northern Pike.
http://kirksfishing.com - 328 hits - 11-April-2001

Bank & Shoreline Fishermen's Best Friend!
We offer the bank and shoreline fishermen a unique item that lets them keep their fishing rods at arms length and their fishing rods highly visible for all those fish strikes. It also allows the fishermen to position their fishing rods at various angles .Unlike other rod holders, the rod support gives the angler easy access to their fishing rods without having to struggle to get their fishing rods out of a rod holder.
http://therodsupport.com - 327 hits - 6-October-2001

The Rod Belt
Fishing rod accessory. Compacts your two piece rods for storage and transporting. Excellent for boat lockers,car trunks,Etc.
http://www.therodbelt.com - 326 hits - 23-March-2002
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