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Chunkbait's Tacklebox
Your place to buy freshwater and saltwater tackle and accessories
http://www.chunkbait.com - 136 hits - 6-April-2002

David's Custom Flies
Custom flies for salmon, trout, bass and saltwater species tied to order.
http://customflies.freehosting.net - 123 hits - 21-February-2002

Johnny's Fishin' Hole
Johnny's Fishin' Hole has catagorized links to help the surfer find what he or she is looking for without searching the web for hours. Includes knots, species info, local info (Yarmouth, Nova Scotia), general fishing, and my personal library.
http://www3.ns.sympatico.ca/ns/j.armstrong/ - 377 hits - 31-October-2000

Mr Crappie's Net
Mr Crappie's net is a site dedicated to the Crappie (mainly) and other species fishing affecionado. Mr Crappie is an exceptional fisherman, who has earned the nickname and is known by many as just Mr Crappie. Get North Texas fishing reports and tell your fishing tales too!
http://www.mrcrappie.net - 246 hits - 8-May-2001

Gloucestershire Disabled Anglers
UK based Disabled Angling Club (Registered Charity). Run by Disabled for the Disabled
http://www.gdac.org - 137 hits - 17-April-2001

James's Northeastern Fishing Guide
Pennsylvania based trophy flathead fishing,with tactics and tips for most game fish.
http://www.geocities.com/flat702000/index-3.html - 144 hits - 20-March-2001

Curly & Doc's Algoma Fishing Corps, Ohio Division
With over 20 years of experience fishing in Canada, our web pages provide the information and links for a great fishing vacation with our neighbor to the north.
http://www.geocities.com/algomafishcorps/index.htm - 108 hits - 15-March-2002

Fishing Central Florida
A Free full information site about Fishing, Boating and Canoeing, Florida's Inter and Intra-coastal Waterways.
http://www.zyworld.com/lamor3.zw1/fbhome.htm - 108 hits - 7-September-2002

World Wide Sport Fishing Club (W.W.S.F.C.) Have arranged fishing trips every year since 1981 to Alaska
http://www.sportfishingalaska.co.uk/eng/meny4/8who_are.htm - 116 hits - 17-March-2002

Fisherman's Paradise
This fishing page is dedicated to the flyfisherman and fly tyer. It contains a good database of flies, photos, and a place to sign up for swaps.
http://fishparadise.tripod.com/webrings.html - 0 hits - 10-October-2002
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